5567.005 Build Area Qualification Through Statistical Modeling of Melt Pool and Defect Distributions

Material Process Value Chain

May 22, 2024

The objective of the project is to characterize process variability through metallography and X-ray computed tomography (XCT), statistically modeled melt pool dimensions and defect size, and... Read More

5567.003 Sensor-Based Approaches to LPBF Machine Pre-Qualification

Process Value Chain

May 22, 2024

This project seeks to utilize sensor-based data sets, correlated to gas flow characterization, to pre-qualify machines and manufacturers to enable quality parts across the additive manufacturing... Read More

5566.003 Proliferation of AM Material Datasets, Topic 1 – Aluminum Alloy Material Datasets, Generation of Design Allowable Datasets for A7050-RAM Based on MMPDS C/D-basis Guidelines


April 29, 2024

This testing program establishes statistically valid high-strength aluminum, A7050-RAM2, material properties using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) with guidance from the Metallic Materials... Read More

5567.004 AM Process Pre-Qualification

AM Genome

April 24, 2024

The objective is to demonstrate a reusable method to reduce the cost of LPBF process qualification by up to 40% for the pre-qualification of the LPBF process and develop a QMP to produce a set of... Read More

5001.004.001.004 Inspection Using In-Situ Height Mapping


March 23, 2024

Develop a framework to leverage in-situ process monitoring data to virtually reconstruct the part and inspect complex internal features for fidelity and dimensionality. Acquired data can be... Read More

5541 Fatigue Allowable Curves and Effects of Texture and Thickness (FACETT)


March 20, 2024

The project aims to empirically derive and numerically predict high cycle fatigue design allowables for textured thick-and-thin-walled Ti-6Al-4V additively built material. Using these datasets,... Read More

5567 Improving LPBF Operational Qualification through Software Automation


February 27, 2024

This project aims to create a financial and productivity-focused qualification step change for AM. Combining Siemens production volumes, experience, and problems through an innovative software and... Read More

5541 Team Red: Thorough Evaluation of AM with Rigorous Expertise and Data


February 27, 2024

This project will demonstrate the ability to rapidly and affordably update and/or establish a qualified AM process that can allow for changes in key AM process, post-processing, and/or material... Read More

5560 Thin Wall Testing Methodology for High Temperature Materials


February 27, 2024

This material testing program seeks to expand the USAF CoCr material property dataset by characterizing material behavior in thin wall as-printed features. Defining the material allowables for... Read More

5541 Boeing Baseline Delta Qualification Program


February 27, 2024

The primary objective of this project is to establish a baseline for the effort needed to qualify a machine at a vendor for laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), and then demonstrate the process... Read More

5541 Rapid Qualification Pathway for Metal Additive Manufacturing Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-L) for Critical Applications


February 26, 2024

Develop a rapid qualification framework for metal AM laser powder bed fusion (PBF-L) processes that can be achieved with a data-driven solution to minimize the reliance on costly and... Read More

Raytheon Technologies

5541 Model Enabled Delta-Qual (MEDEL-QUAL)


February 23, 2024

The MEDEL-QUAL team will develop and demonstrate a delta qualification methodology that utilizes advanced empirical, analytical, and numerical tools to model the process-microstructure-property... Read More

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