America Makes CORE

America Makes CORE is a secure online platform that enables members to identify, access, and consume intellectual capital assets that align with the Technology Development Roadmap.


CORE uses an advanced AI engine and natural language search tools to enhance the user experience. The tools consume the entirety of the material within the platform, returning search results that are highly relevant to the end user’s query.

The organization of the data provides a quick view of new projects, updated projects, and items the user has identified as important. This streamlined experience allows users to more rapidly identify relevant information and conversely allows users to browse topics and explore the body of knowledge.


Non Members

  • Click here to create an account for CORE. You will have access to information marked for public release immediately.

Current Members

CORE data will be visible based on ITAR controls which are verified by these fields in your organization’s Member Portal Profile:

  • An active non-expired account in the Member Portal
  • CAGE – Commercial and Government Entity Code
  • JCP – Joint Certification Program

By entering your organization’s CAGE and JCP number, you “self attest” to the ability to view sensitive data.

For assistance using CORE, please contact us.