America Makes Satellite Centers

The objective of an America Makes Satellite Center (AM-SC) is to extend the reach of the existing America Makes mission – to complement and expand America Makes’ current regional, industrial, and technological footprint.

Leveraging the Network

The AM-SC engages with local companies and educational institutions to supply education and training in additive manufacturing technologies, and focuses on the transition of additive technology from the research lab to commercialization. The team also leverages regional networking opportunities, conferences, and other appropriate events to both grow the America Makes brand and seek out new opportunities for agency- and company-directed projects.

Outreach and Extension

The AM-SC serves as a regional hub of education, training, technology validation, technical assistance, and other outreach.

Additionally, the AM-SC develops and executes a regional strategy for small- and medium-sized business outreach and engagement. The objective of this effort is to harness the speed and flexibility of small business for the purposes of growing the national additive manufacturing value chain and identifying transition opportunities for the results of America Makes projects.

Workforce & Education

The AM-SC team attracts and develops students at all levels, including non-traditional students, K-12, and veterans through additive-related curricula. This also includes programs for educating teachers, faculty, and instructors to integrate additive manufacturing into existing curriculum.

Interested in Becoming a Satellite Center?