5554.007 Techno-economic Analysis to Bridge Casting and Forging Sourcing Gaps with AM

Value Chain

February 22, 2024

The objective of this project is to create a tool that provides a TEA framework for when, where, and how to utilize AM technologies to bridge gaps in component sourcing. This tool will cover four... Read More

5541 Applying Machine Learning to Enable Effective Additive Manufacturing Process Qualification/Re-Qualification


February 20, 2024

This project will demonstrate an approach to AM allowables and delta qualifications that leverages AM’s digital nature with machine learning (ML). ML has successfully demonstrated effectiveness... Read More

Raytheon Technologies

5562 Powder and Process Optimization for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing (POSAM)

February 16, 2024

The Powder and Process Optimization for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing (POSAM) program will demonstrate several approaches to energy reduction in PBF-LB part production. Efficiency gains from... Read More

5554.004 Maturation of Ceramic 3D Printed Shell-based Investment Casting Foundry Capabilities of the 76th CMXG at Tinker AFB


February 01, 2024

The objective of this project is to mature the ceramic 3D printing capabilities of the 76th CMXG at Tinker AFB from a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) of... Read More

5001.004.001.002 Fast-Scanning-Mirror Wobble-Enabled Build Schema (Fast-WEBS)

Material Process Value Chain

January 29, 2024

The objective of this project is to demonstrate the ability to increase the bulk build rate of LPBFAM Ti64 by 3x, using high-frequency wobble-based thermal manipulation developed by GE Research... Read More

5554.001 Transitioning Best Practices and Technology Improvements for 3D Printed Molds/Cores for Sand Castings


January 29, 2024

The primary objective is to improve the casting quality of parts produced with AM sand molds by evaluating and implementing measures to improve surface roughness, minimize dimensional variations,... Read More

5001.002.002.001 Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Error Recognition and Resolution (HAMERR)


January 26, 2024

The team sought to develop a system to identify and correct geometric non-conformities during the build process of a powder-fed DED printer with machining capabilities. This system would monitor... Read More

5528.001 AURA TrustedAM™ Mark I Endpoint Assessment Activity

Value Chain

January 25, 2024

The goal of the project was to provide a means for AM machines in the DoD to connect to an IT system using an encrypted secure digital device without having to qualify or certify via ATO/RMF (risk... Read More

5549 Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) Robotic Arc Directed Energy Deposition (DED) System – Consultative Assistance

Material Process

January 08, 2024

The objective of this project was to train and support the Army Ground Vehicle Support Center (GVSC) and RIA personnel in operating the DED AM System previously developed. Edison Welding Institute... Read More

5564 Trusted Metal Additive Manufacturing Materials


January 05, 2024

The overarching objective is to unify the metal AM industry through the development and demonstration of an RDT and associated open-source analysis tools. Trusted Metal will develop an RDT capable... Read More

5001.003.002.003 Measurement of Process Gas Flow and Delivered Laser Powder Impact Toward AM Machine Qualification


December 18, 2023

Characterize the impact of gas flow and differences in delivered laser power on the mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V components produced by laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB)... Read More

5513.001 Thermal Aging Study for Additively Manufactured F357 Aluminum


December 18, 2023

The objective of this program was to enable the use of aluminum alloys for high-temperature applications by understanding the effects of thermal treatments and service temperatures on the... Read More

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