Rapid Innovation Call for Topics

The original Rapid Innovation Call for Topics (to utilize FY2020 funding) released in August 2020 with submissions due January 22, 2021 has now closed.

America Makes is accepting ongoing RIC topic submissions for possible future funding opportunities, although future funding is not guaranteed.

The Rapid Innovation Call (RIC) will seek to address immediate and readily actionable needs identified by America Makes members and/or government stakeholders. The Rapid Innovation Call will allow the Institute an agile framework to adapt to the evolving challenges of the supply chain via direct input from the membership.

Due Dates Ongoing submissions will be considered if future funding becomes available
Cost Share No specific percentage, but cost share will be considered as part of evaluation criteria
Period of Performance Shorter periods acceptable or 4 months (3 months execution, 1 month final reporting)
NO extensions will be considered


All team members of a project team must be America Makes members in good standing a minimum of 45 days prior to the project start.  To achieve a good standing status a non-member organization must establish a new America Makes membership and provide a cash payment or enter into an @Program MOU to satisfy the membership fee obligation for the first year of membership.  Cost share provided during the period of performance of the project will be applied to the first renewal cycle of your membership.

Topic Submission, Selection,
and Proposal Process

The process for this America Makes Project Call is a non-traditional process:

  1. Rapid Innovation Call for Topic Submission is submitted by stakeholder.
  2. Executive Committee reviews submissions and selects Topics for proposals
  3. Selected Topic gets posted to America Makes website
  4. Response Deadline and Q&A periods get defined
  5. Proposal with approach, SOW, Cost Volume, Exhibits is submitted
  6. Awards announced


Submission Deadlines Ongoing
America Makes Member/MoU Execution Deadline Min 45 days prior
to project start
Fully Executed NDA with NCDMM (if concept contains proprietary information) Prior to concept submission

Rapid Innovation Call for Topics – Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)