@Program is an innovative methodology to continue cultivating a diverse and robust membership community to more broadly represent the AM ecosystem in the U.S. It is America Makes’ desire to establish more relationships with more organizations, working to advance the AM industry and making membership a more feasible option.


The America Makes @Program is a way for America Makes to encourage Institute engagement for new and existing members and offset their annual cost of membership by earning cost share credits. The @Program makes it easy to achieve these credits as demonstrated on the Cost Share Menu.

This simple and straightforward process allows members to receive dollar value credit for activities that are identified within the following five @Program categories:


Attend America Makes events or get involved in a Working Group or Advisory Group.


Display your affiliation with America Makes boldly at additive manufacturing events and conferences throughout the nation.


Interact with the Membership within the Member Portal.


Offer Service Vouchers (free or discounted services or products) to membership; provide relevant additive content to be included in the member newsletter or share it with others in the Member Portal or America Makes Digital Storefront.


Promote America Makes in your marketing efforts; refer and recruit new members.

Why Does America Makes Offer Cost Share in Exchange for Membership?

America Makes focuses on cultivating a diverse and robust membership community that represents a portion of the AM ecosystem existing today in the U.S. America Makes wants to establish more relationships with more organizations working to advance the AM industry and make membership a more feasible decision for them. This not only aligns with the mission of America Makes, but also contributes to bringing more visibility to the current AM ecosystem.

Get Cost Share Credit for Activities You Already Do!

The @Program gives members credit for what they are likely doing currently. The America Makes mission to increase U.S. competitiveness in the global manufacturing market through additive manufacturing (AM) is enhanced the more our membership is engaged. If you are currently working in the AM industry, we believe you may have a similar mission. We want to connect your efforts with ours by linking them to the America Makes Technology and Workforce Development Roadmaps. We also want to encourage members to represent and promote America Makes on our behalf.