5537.001 – Manufacturing Innovation for Organic Industrial Base (OIB) Modernization – Pilot Program

The Army Modernization Strategy describes how the Total Army – Regular Army, National Guard, Army Reserve, and Army Civilians – will transform into a multi-domain force by 2035, meet its enduring responsibility as part of the Joint Force to provide for the defense of the United States, and retain its position as the globally dominant land power.

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The FY22 National Defense Authorization Act, Section 354, directed a Pilot Program on Digital Optimization of Organic Industrial Base (OIB) Maintenance and Repair Operations. Paragraph (b)4 directs, “An assessment of automated, advanced, and additive manufacturing technologies that could improve maintenance, repair, and remanufacturing operations.”



Identify and map recommended advanced manufacturing technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness at Department of Defense (DoD) OIB facilities to sustain and/or improve next-generation technologies and readiness.

Technical Approach

Assess WVA and MDMC and map opportunities for digital models of tools/sets/configurations of tools, and operations that might be planned, developed, and implemented to support integration of recommended advanced manufacturing technologies.

Project Participants

Project Principal

Other Project Participants

  • MxD
  • ARM
  • LiFT
  • NextFlex

Public Participants

  • U.S. Department of Defense

Project Summary

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