For more than 20 years, the DoD has successfully used Cold Spray technology for repair applications across the Services.
For more than 20 years, the DoD has successfully used Cold Spray technology for repair applications across the Services.

Guiding Future Investment

The America Makes Institute was awarded the DoD Wide Cold Spray Technology Roadmap project to develop a DoD integrated Cold Spray roadmap while identifying the current state, common needs and actions, technology investment gaps, and priorities. This project was commissioned by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).

Army, Air Force, and Navy – along with contractors and research partners – have been developing and implementing Cold Spray technology for nearly two decades.

Although Cold Spray is in the early stages of implementation, it has been demonstrated to reduce maintenance materials and costs, while increasing readiness. DoD-wide awareness of ongoing and planned Cold Spray programs is critical to expand its applications and benefits.

The DoD integrated roadmap coordinates individual Service investments in Cold Spray technology, and communicates current needs and planned activities, while enhancing collaboration and streamlining efforts. This roadmap identifies common interests across the DoD to facilitate joint strategies and investments.

America Makes partnered with The Barnes Global Advisors to coordinate individual workshops with the Army, Air Force, and Navy (NAVAIR, NAVSEA). Workshop participants included Service-specific research and development, program engineering, and  sustainment personnel.

Data gathered during the workshops was analyzed to determine individual Service status, needs, gaps, priorities, and future efforts.

Service-specific data was compared, assessed, and compiled to develop the DoD wide Cold Spray technology roadmap.

Project Participants

Workshops were held with each Service and DoD to create Service level roadmaps and an integrated DoD roadmap.

Integrated Roadmap Approach

Organize and Map

Organize and map DoD activities and facilitate multiple roadmap reviews via telecons and face-to-face reviews

Standardize Language

Standardize terminology to highlight common activities and unique areas across the DoD

Prioritize Activities

Prioritize future activities focused on areas enabling collaboration to create the broadest D0D-wide impact by mapping Gaps to Key Service Capabilities

Drive Consensus

Drive consensus via face-to-face workshops:

  • Gather DoD-wide input
  • Enable individuals during brainstorming and group sessions
  • Facilitate large group discussions
  • Establish multiple opportunities for feedback and refinement

Recommendations to Advance Cold Spray Development and Implementation

Cold Spray Integration Working Group (CSIWG)

  • Create communication and information sharing channels to drive a collaborative culture across the DoD
  • Establish programs across Services to harmonize activities
  • Develop and maintain a current, living web-based roadmap

Short-Term Projects

  • Database/Taxonomy
  • Safety
  • Training
  • Supply Chain

Long-Term Projects

  • Training curricula
  • Supply chain maturation
  • NDT & QA development
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Project Summary

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