Submissions Due by 5pm ET on Friday, November 19, 2021

Maturation of Additive Geometric Management Approaches for High Mach Applications (MAGMA) Project Call – October 2021

America Makes announces a new MAGMA Project Call worth approximately $1.0M in total funding.

One-Step Proposal Process

The proposal process for this America Makes Project Call is a one-step process:

A full project proposal, as outlined in the RFP, is due by 5pm ET on Friday, November 19, 2021.


Project Call Announcement and Posting 10/19/2021
Project Call Kick-off Webinar (Registration Required – see 10/26/2021
Questions from Proposers about Scope or Approach Due 10/29/2021
Responses to Proposers about Scope or Approach Due
(All questions and responses will be shared with all proposers on
Deadline for proposal lead to complete a fully executed America Makes Membership Agreement 11/5/2021
Fully Executed NDA with NCDMM (only if proposal contains proprietary information) 11/5/2021
Full Project Proposal Submission Due Date (Note: No Concept Paper Submission) 11/19/2021
Anticipated Decision and Notification of Project Proposal Teams 12/20/2021
Anticipated Date to have ALL Projects on Contract 1/10/2022

Rapid Innovation Call Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Project Call Q&A