MELD Solid State Metal AM Technology

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MELD will introduce their patented, award winning metal AM technology based on the principles of friction stir welding and now with the ability to add metal to the process.  The technology was previously recognized as “additive friction stir” and now branding under MELD.  MELD will describe the process, discuss MELD technology benefits, review range of MELD applications, and present project application examples.

  • MELD supports any metal type
  • Solid bar or powder fed based machines
  • Mechanical properties (tensile, fatigue, microhardness, rate of mass loss for coating/wear applications, low residual stress, restructuring of grain size, and other types of MELD data “as deposited”)
  • Applications (printing AM parts, printing onto existing structures, AM repair, AM coating, and AM joining of both similar and dissimilar metals) • Deposition Rate (example:  Al up to 30 lbs/hour)
  • Fully dense “as-deposited” deposition (no porosity or voids eliminating post processing tasks of HIP and Vacuum Furnace)
  • MELD machine and technology roadmap

J. Louis Schlegel IV (J4) is a metal AM evangelist with an BSEE and MBA from the University of Central Florida.  He has a wide range of metal AM experiences in specialized DMLS and now MELD machines and in the service bureau industry supporting Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Oil & Gas, and Turbo machinery.

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