ICME Methods for Fatigue Performance Prediction of Metal AM Components

TRX Webinar Series Archive

To efficiently use Metal Additive Manufacturing to produce structural components, it is essential to have a robust protocol and software tool to certify the parts, especially if they are fatigue critical. With the objective of accelerating the qualification and adoption processes for new additive manufactured materials, VEXTEC’s webinar presents a method for augmenting the traditional verification process with a model-informed software tool called VPS-MICRO®.

VPS-MICRO is an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) based tool that predicts the risk of cyclic fatigue failure of an additive manufactured metal part based on the location-specific microstructure, defects, residual stress, and surface roughness. Using the software eliminates unsuccessful design options early in the design processes. Also, the software greatly reduces the test cost and time needed to determine the statistical confidence in the certified lifetime, reducing the need to acquire a large population of fatigue tests needed to do the same.

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