TRACEam and ARIS Technology Collaborate on Additive Manufacturing Quality Control

October 29, 2019 | Categories: Member News

Enable users to seamlessly track parts, undergo quality management testing and warehouse data

CHICAGO, IL, October 28, 2019 – TRACEam and ARIS Technology are collaborating to solve one of the biggest challenges facing 3D Printing users: how to track, warehouse and measure key information about each item they print.

As companies advance their 3D Printing capabilities, and especially as they begin to create parts beyond prototypes, many are struggling to create an intuitive, sustainable approach to tracking the full lifecycle of each part. TRACEam was created to provide a smart, intuitive system for quality management and documentation of key production and technical data for additive manufacturing (AM). By integrating the tools of ARIS Technology, users will now be able to incorporate post-production part scanning and validation tools. The results of those tests will be included in the part dashboard, further strengthening users’ ability to meet the safety and compliance requirements set by groups such as the FAA and FDA.

“We have worked with dozens of companies around the world and created TRACEam to solve their need for a user-friendly interface that creates traceability through all aspects of the AM workflow,” said Dr. Mike Vasquez, founder of TRACEam and consulting firm 3Degrees. “As users began testing the system, it became clear that it had the potential to be a powerful, all-in-one management system. Separately, users were conducting tolerance testing and we realized we could provide a better user experience by integrating testing data the information bundle available for each part. The digital scanning from ARIS is the best solution on the market for that, and we’re excited to be partnering with them.”

These systems – each of which was designed by leading experts in 3D Printing — can be applied to both production of new parts as well as the creation of digital warehouses for more efficient supply chain management. While licenses for each software need to be purchased separately, the workflows will be fully integrated and the teams from each company will work together to ensure the system meets the unique needs of each user.

“The ability to validate parts before they enter the market is a key part of unlocking the value of 3D Printing.” said Mingu Kang, CEO and Founder of ARIS Technology. “We recognized the need for fast, accurate scanning that ensures each part has been built to the expected requirements, and configured ARIS’s robotic 3D scanning systems to deliver that capability. Integrating our tool with TRACEam ensures that the data we create becomes part of the full record of each part, which is important as you think about the requirements a company must meet to be able to seriously consider 3D Printing for production.”

ARIS Technology’s robotic non-contact 3D scanning systems are developed to complement or replace traditional metrology equipment such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) or shop-floor handoperated devices such as calipers, gages, and portable CMM arms (e.g. FARO, ROMER). While robotic 3D scanning systems replacing a repetitive manual inspection of mass-produced parts demonstrated high return on investment, there is an increasing need to qualify lower-volume high-mix parts. One very good example is the 3D printing of prototypes, repair parts, and ramp-up production. To address this increasing demand, ARIS Technology created a simple and intuitive user-experience. Interfacing one consolidated GUI, a quality operator can easily program the robot and 3D scanner using collaborative robots and artificial intelligence (AI).

You can learn more about getting a demo of each system at and

About TRACEam

TRACEam, LLC is the software development firm aligned with leading 3D Printing consulting firm 3Degrees. Born out of inquiries from dozens of leading manufacturers struggling to seamlessly track and store data about each part, TRACEam provides practical, intuitive systems to help companies maximize their investments in advanced manufacturing technologies. It was founded in 2018 by Dr. Mike Vasquez and is supported by a team that has decades of expertise in material design and selection, part evaluation, training and safety and designing 3D Printing roadmaps and long-term strategies. As a member of America Makes and a regular speaker on topics related to additive manufacturing, Dr. Vasquez and 3Degrees is committed to participating in the smart evolution of the space.

About ARIS

ARIS Technology, LLC automates 3D scanning for manufacturing and maintenance supply chain using robots and artificial intelligence (AI). Using its proprietary software platform, ARIS empowers quality operators to easily program the complex robotic 3D measurement of a new part, repeatedly run the automation program precisely, collect 3D data, compare the 3D data against CAD or other 3D scan data, and finally link the analysis result to other enterprise processes such as MES, ERP, or QMS. ARIS works with manufacturing or maintenance facilities by providing and supporting fully-integrated turn-key systems or working with the client’s preferred Systems Integrator (SI) by licensing its software. ARIS Technology’s software and systems can be applied to quality inspection, metrology, reverse engineering, and digital twin generation.


Courtesy of 3Degrees