AMNOW Metals Challenge Project Call – Feb. 2022

America Makes and NCDMM announce AMNOW Metals Challenge Project Call. Phase 1 is worth up to $45k in America Makes Cost Share. Phase 2 of the project is worth up to $50k in funding or America Makes Cost Share.

Demonstrating the applicability of artificial intelligence and data analytics to laser powder bed fusion.

The AMNOW Program is seeking responses to analyze process and property data from multiple builds to identify trends, predict properties, and find anomalies in manufacturing data for laser powder bed manufactured 316L.

One-Step Proposal Process

The proposal process for this America Makes Project Call is a one-step process:

A full project proposal, as outlined in the RFP, is due by 5pm ET on Monday, February 21.


Project Call Announcement and Posting


Project Call Industry Day Webinar (Registration Required – see


Questions from Proposers about Scope or Approach Due (All questions to be submitted to


Responses to Proposers about Scope or Approach Due
(All questions and responses will be shared with all proposers on


Full Project Proposal Submission Due Date (Note: No Concept Paper Submission)


Oral team presentations to Evaluation Team


Phase 1 Awardees notified


Project Agreement issued and NDAs executed


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions should be emailed to Questions will be posted to the America Makes website according to the schedule. Questions asked AFTER the scheduled Q&A session will NOT be addressed.

A valid Copy of a Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD2345) for each team member (entity) is required for this Project Call. It is the Lead / team’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations.

Proposals are reviewed by evaluators who are independent of teams submitting proposals and operate under a confidentiality agreement.  Proposers are encouraged to seek legal counsel prior to submitting any response to this Project Call where there is a question regarding a possibility of future patent applications or the patentability of proposal concepts.

The owning organization should list anything that they are leveraging that is not going to be made available to the membership at the completion of the project. This could be a patent number or a description of the background IP that is being leveraged.


Data descriptions were provided in the RFP and the industry day presentation.

The proposal should be in PowerPoint or presentation format. Limit the content to what can be presented within 15 minutes (recommend 15 slides or less).

Every component is serialized. Build layouts will be provided.

Build files will be provided with CAD layout.

The build plan spreadsheet records powder reuse and powder sampling. This could be asked at Q&A session with suppliers.

Density will be provided. Suppliers may be able to give these answers during Q&A, but they are not part of test data.

Radiographs will indicate approximate location of defects. A,B,C are different views of the part (orientation or section views).

You will not be able to see melt pools in the micrographs. Either scale bar is included or magnification is indicated in the file name.

Coupons are built in x-y, and z-orientations (marked as such). No fracture surface images provided.

Deletion of data will be via certification. Their DDTC certification and DD2345 both require procedures to delete documents upon project completion. They will be required to execute a certificate that the docs were deleted during award closeout.

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