AUTHENTISE Improves Print Management Automation

June 26, 2018 | Categories: Member News

June 26, 2018 – Authentise will launch the updated 3D printing run/build management page next week. The reworked platform will better utilize the data coming from your orders to optimize the run creation process. Our data analytics works in the backend to ensure that selected orders are properly nested, to give you accurate start and completion estimates and display every option to flexibly deal with your orders’ volumes.

The first step is to make the easier selection of parts. We know what needs to be manufactured, and pretty much everything about it. We are  able to pre-select, and even sort the parts that need to be manufactured based on the device you’re targeting.

Our new run page filters the parts list based on the machines that you’ve selected with a workflow template when at order intake, and default sorts them by Due Date. Now all you’ve got to do is to select the parts you actually want to make, and we’ll make sure they’re properly nested (2D, 3D coming soon), tell you when it’s likely to start, how long it’ll take and how much room you have. Machine downtime/maintenance is considered and you can of course schedule manually as well.

Find more information on our data-driven process automation and smart manufacturing platform for additive manufacturing by contacting our CMO Frank Speck or visit