AUTHENTISE – Better Nesting and Direct Printer Control Underway

July 10, 2018 | Categories: Member News

In an effort to keep offering the best 3D printing workflow solution on the market, AUTHENTISE is developing new features to add to its automation portfolio.

To give an overview of the road ahead, two major improvements that we are currently developing are auto-nesting (the background calculation of all possible nesting scenarios) and direct machine control through our APA suite (Additive Production Accelerator).

Here is a deeper and more detailed look into these new features:

  • Auto-nesting – We’re working on the ability to give you the most efficient builds based on your part backlog. Since good nesting/packing is usually driven by the computing resources/time available, making a selection and then packing is not the way to go. Instead, our multi-threaded packing approach intends to do this in the background, based on all the parts’ features (such as material, workflow, due-date, quality requirements etc) that you’ve entered previously, and iterate through thousands of potential variations before you’ve ever logged on. That way, by the time you do, you have a one-click option to get the most efficient build possible.
  • Machine-code creation – As we mentioned last month, moving nested builds directly on to the machine is the next step in automating the 3D printing workflow. We can achieve that by working with OEMs to create the build on the fly. That’s also a project we are starting this year, and are looking for partners – especially if you have EOS machines.

If you’re interested to find out more about these new approaches or join the initial adopter group, please let us know by contacting our CMO Frank Speck at . You can also find out more about Authentise at