Authentise Announces Flows & Flows AM

December 14, 2022 | Categories: Member News

Flows is the product of a decade of experience building data-driven solutions for the world’s most agile operations at Boeing, Danfoss, and Ricoh, among others. Boeing’s time studies claimed that the system delivers up to 94% time savings and a 3x ROI within 8 months. Formerly known as the advanced Manufacturing Execution System (“aMES”), Flows incorporates many tools that stretch beyond the capabilities of a traditional Manufacturing Execution System, including real-time quoting, machine-data driven status updates, material genealogy, supplier management and more. These features are already used to manage post processing such as heat treatment, machining and more. With this release, Authentise is announcing general availability of FlowsAM for operations primarily centred around additive manufacturing, and Flows for those that are not. Read More