Advisory & Working Groups

America Makes has a number of Advisory Groups. Some Advisory Groups are further broken down with Working Groups, which have specific focus areas that report back to the Advisory Group. More information is available in the Advisory and Working Group Charters.

The purpose of the Platinum Members Advisory Group is to bring together a group of members, encompassing a vast understanding of the America Makes Program and the America Makes membership benefits and values, to collaborate and gather their perspective and advice to further support the ongoing and future efforts of the America Makes Program.

The purpose of the Roadmap Advisory Group is to provide a holistic perspective, representing multiple industries, applications, and customers for the maturation and implementation of the National Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Roadmap and Investment Strategy.

The Roadmap Advisory Group works together with the America Makes Technology Director to analyze the priorities of stakeholder needs and functional requirements to set appropriate technology investment goals for funding partners.

Roadmap Working Groups

The Roadmap Working Groups report back to the Roadmap Advisory Group and the America Makes Technology Director on their analysis of the needs and requirements within their specific Roadmap focus area (Design, Materials, Process, Value Chain, and AM Genome). Each focus area has a designated Working Group.

The purpose of the Additive Manufacturing Standards Collaborative Advisory Group is to lead America Makes’ efforts to coordinate, accelerate, and prioritize the development and availability of additive manufacturing standards, specs, and data schemas for use by government and industry in the U.S..

Membership is limited to America Makes members and government participants. Lead strategy, internal, and external engagement.

The purpose of the Workforce & Education Advisory Group, which represents industry, government, and academia, is to contribute to a national perspective for the implementation of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute Workforce & Education Strategy. The Advisory Group works together with the America Makes Workforce & Education team to analyze Institute and stakeholder interests, opportunities, and requirements in order to establish and prioritize appropriate workforce and educational outreach goals.

The purpose of the AM Maintenance & Sustainment Advisory Group is to accelerate the productive use of additive manufacturing for commercial and government (DoD, DoE, NASA, FAA, etc.) equipment maintenance and sustainment. Benefits sought are increased operational availability and decreased time for maintenance, and lower recurring and non-recurring costs for equipment maintenance and sustainment.