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Bridging the Standards Gap in Metal AM Parts Used in Aerospace Applications - Defining Future Frameworks

From April 21, 2017 until May 31, 2017


On April 12, 2017 during Space Tech Expo a webinar was held focusing on aerospace AM metal standards and specifically on 5 gaps in AMSC's roadmap. This webinar is now available on demand and its presentations are downloadable.


Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is becoming a major player on the aerospace materials stage. AM alloy parts are increasingly sought after, becoming more complex and larger than ever. In an industry where innovation happens at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest qualifications and standards required for metal AM parts. Some areas such as chemical testing processes and chemical analyses techniques, minimum mechanical properties for AM parts, and test standards for microstructure morphology quantification, are in the process of maturing quickly, whereas others still require further research, development and definition. Gaps are appearing in areas including (but not limited to) AM process-specific metal powder, recycling and re-use of materials (yet printed or not), in-process monitoring and heat treatment. It becomes clear the industry needs to work together to define a comprehensive framework for future use of AM metal parts in aerospace applications.

Bringing together industry experts from America Makes and AMSC / ANSI, ASTM International and the Technology Partnership, this webinar will discuss issues including:

  • Key gaps in the metal additive manufacturing qualification process
  • Determining strategies and approaches to overcome these gaps and engaging industry to input into the future solutions
  • Assuring quality of metal AM parts through in-process monitoring

The webinar will include interactive Q&A time allowing you to put your questions to leading industry experts.


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