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ANSI Company Member Forum Meeting

From April 25, 2017 until April 26, 2017

Quincy, MA

One of the best ways to get involved and take full advantage of ANSI membership is to attend and participate in the CMF Spring Meeting. This year’s event is an excellent opportunity to network with industry counterparts and to gather relevant resources and information, which will reinforce visibility and credibility while staying ahead of emerging trends.

Participation in the CMF Spring meeting offers many benefits to attendees, including (but not limited to):

  • Meaningful takeaways – data, information and best practices – garnered from the discussion topics and invited experts.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to identify industry-wide challenges faced by many other CMF members, and learn and share new approaches that effectively address these issues.
  • A chance to network and build productive and meaningful relationships with industry peers in the standardization community.



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