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Growing the 3D Workforce

Education ImageGrowing a workforce capable of designing, specifying, making and supporting 3D printed products is as essential as advancing the technology.We are working to accelerate the adoption of new 3D printing materials, technologies and products, something that is crucial to the success of our industry. 

One of our greatest challenges is that today’s technologies are developing at such a rapid pace, traditional curricular programs can’t easily keep up. To augment those programs, we develop and identify non-traditional programs that help inspire ingenuity, facilitate experience and empower all.

America Makes believes that our nation’s success in educating students, the workforce and industry leaders about this technology requires a dynamic and connected community.

Our Upcoming Training page promotes various webinars, seminars, and trainings related to additive manufacturing. If you have a training that you would like us to know about, please complete the following form.