Workforce and Educational Outreach Advisory Group Addresses Roadmap Elements

April 18, 2018 | Categories: America Makes News

America Makes’ Workforce and Educational Outreach (WEO) Advisory Group has been working with the America Makes/TPMA WEO Team to address the WEO Roadmap via working groups. The Advisory Group is representative of the six areas of America Makes convening: small business, large business, non-profit, academia, government, and Manufacturing USA. Advisory Group members participate on working groups and some serve as external co-chairs with internal NCDMM staff co-chairs. Working groups also consist of other America Makes members and partners. WEO Team’s Brenda Vogley keeps track of who is on each team and invites additional individuals to participate as requests for involvement with WEO efforts occur.

There are currently 36 individuals serving on WEO working groups. The current WEO Roadmap consists of 5 swimlanes and 24 critical talent elements (CTEs). Each working group addresses a swimlane: Knowledge & Awareness, Competency & Skills, Industry Experience, Individual Advancement, and Scaling & Diffusion.

The Advisory Group meets monthly and working groups meet as needed to continue work on CTEs. The CTEs include everything from curriculum and capstone projects to apprenticeship, employer needs, and value analysis, just to name a few. The NCDMM co-chairs for each working group are responsible for getting all the roadmap information into the America Makes digital storefront once are criteria for posting to the storefront is satisfied. Joe Veranese, NCDMM Business Systems Manager, has been instrumental in working with the WEO Team and Advisory Group to link the working groups’ efforts to the digital storefront. Working group external co-chairs provide updates on the WEO Roadmap activities during the monthly Advisory Group meeting.

“The commitment of the Advisory Group and working groups is evident given the time and talent necessary to address all the WEO Roadmap work. Working with our members and partners in this capacity is very rewarding,” said Vicki Thompson, WEO Team lead.

America Makes would like to thank all participants for the work they are doing to address the WEO Roadmap elements:

Advisory Group

  • Claudia Coker, Lockheed Martin
  • Lucinda Curry, RCBI
  • Tim Heller, HP
  • Tony Hughes, The Lanterman Group
  • Craig McAtee, NCATC
  • Mary Ann Pacelli, NIST
  • Tim Simpson, Penn State
  • Jon Spragg, EOS
  • Gug Sresty, AST2
  • Mike Vasquez, 3Degrees
  • Diana Verdugo, FormLabs
  • Kris Ward, ToolingU-SME

Working Groups

Knowledge & Awareness Swimlane:

Co-Chairs: Kris Ward, Tooling U-SME; Jon Spragg, EOS; and Bill Walch, NCDMM

  • Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent
  • Thierry Marchione, CAT
  • Connie Palucka, Catalyst Connection and Dave Pierson, MAGNET
  • Gug Sresty, Nick Mazurek, AST2

Competency & Skills Swimlane

Co-Chairs: Diana Verdugo, FormLabs and Shawn Nesmith, NCDMM

  • Tony Hughes, The Lanterman Group
  • Tom Downs, Downs Government Affairs, LLC
  • Gug Sresty and Nick Mazurek, AST2

Industry Experience Swimlane

Co-Chairs: Craig McAtee, NCATC; Terri Burgess Sandu, LCCC; and Brian Schmidt, NCDMM

  • Lucinda Curry and Becky Calwell, RCBI
  • Ray Dick, BMNT
  • David Schnepp, 3D Vets
  • Duann Scott, Autodesk
  • Gug Sresty and Nick Mazurek, AST2
  • Mike Vasquez, 3Degrees

Individual Advancement Swimlane

Co-Chairs: Tim Heller, HP and Shawn Nesmith, NCDMM

  • Roy Swift, ANSI
  • Tony Slavik, Fathom
  • Diana Verdugo, FormLabs
  • Mary Ann Pacelli, NIST

Scaling & Diffusion Swimlane

Co-Chairs: Tim Simpson, Penn State and Tiffany Westbay, NCDMM

  • Andrew Hanson, Stratasys
  • Ed Miller, Johnny Kim, and Jason Cloyd, Solidworks
  • Connie Palucka, Catalyst Connection and Dave Pierson, MAGNET
  • Dave Pistner, Westmoreland County Community College

If you’re interested in serving on a working group, please contact WEO Team Lead, Josh Cramer.