Unfinished Business Bringing AM Together Like Never Before

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The press mostly gets it right… Additive Manufacturing (AM) has made tremendous progress toward being able to make almost any shape on-demand from a growing variety of materials.

Yet a more granular look beneath the headlines reveals that AM is not as unified as it appears. Too often, it is isolated from post-processing steps and mainstream manufacturing. Additionally, the seven families of AM are physically segregated from one another. These two conditions make AM more difficult to adopt than it needs to be.

This presentation asks, “what if we could bring AM together?” How would the additive adoption journey be simplified? What if post-processing and inspection were simpler and more natural next steps after printing? What if multiple families of AM could be used in the same machine?

Although this aspirational vision of AM converging with complementary technologies is just beginning, notable progress is being made. Some of these trends are being identified as “automation” steps, while others are identified as “hybrid manufacturing” workflows. In this presentation, trends that bridge additive and conventional manufacturing will be analyzed in a powerful new framework.

This inclusive framework considers how AM in its several forms can reach greater potential together. Attendees will gain insights to help simplify and accelerate AM adoption now and in the future.

Presenter: Dr. Jason Jones from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

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