TRX Webinar: Multi-Metal 3D Printing by Meltio

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AddiTec is a founding partner in Meltio and has a six-year heritage of in-depth background and experience in laser metal deposition (LMD). This presentation addresses the state-of-the-art Meltio’s LMD process in terms of technology, motion control, applications, and materials applied. In this process, either wire or powder can be used as the feedstock, independently or simultaneously, although wire is preferred over powder in most cases. This process can be used for both fabrication and repair of metal components with enhanced material properties using single wire, dual wire, or wire and powder combination. Different materials like Titanium alloys, Nickel alloys, Steels etc. can be applied in this process. This process is gaining attention in various sectors that can produce metal components with low Buy-To-Fly (B:F) ratios at high deposition rates, low costs, and with reductions in lead times. The potential advantages of this LMD process for production of structures in aerospace, automobile, space, oil and gas, and jewelry sector will also be discussed.

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