TRX Webinar: Emerging Technologies | Liquid Metal Jetting

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Emerging Technologies | Liquid Metal Jetting will provide a deep dive on how ElemX LMJ works and addresses the key benefits, applications, and opportunities. Led by Tim Schniepp, Director of Application Engineering & Business Development, will be joined by several researchers from Lawrence Livermore who are currently operating and pushing the limits of the ElemX technology.
Compatible with wire feedstock, the ElemX is a much safer and simpler option when it comes to metal 3D printing—no hazardous metal powders and no special facility requirements. LMJ is a revolutionary new technology that it is extremely well-suited to distributed manufacturing models, forward deployment, or the manufacturing floor.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn firsthand how LLNL is pushing the limits of ‘droplet on-demand’ and where they see potential for the technology.
• Discover current applications for 3D printed aluminum alloys
• Explore how this highly deployable, industrial metal 3D printing technology can provide solutions for the shop floor and supply chain challenges.
• Review development plans for future capabilities, specifically regarding materials.

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