TRX Webinar: Demonstrating an AM Data Management Approach for America Makes

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Currently, when users log into the America Makes Digital Storefront they see a text-heavy dashboard listing historical projects, with project data that is stored in a variety of formats (e.g., Word, Excel, PDF). Although this is perfectly suitable for accessing certain types of data (e.g., project final reports, TRX PPT presentations), it makes it difficult for a member to see comparative data or trend analysis. 3Degree has been working with America Makes team and other members to build a functional proof of concept database utilizing its TraceAM software, which is specifically designed to collate 3D Printing data according to the workflows of the 3D Printing process. The objective of this work is to create a searchable materials and process database that America Makes members could leverage to organize and upload project data for the benefit of the broader Additive Manufacturing community.

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