TRX Webinar: A Holistic Approach to Performance Evaluation of AM Melt Pool Monitoring Systems

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Although melt pool monitoring (MPM) systems offer a promise to enhance quality assurance of AM, significant time and effort is typically spent before limitations of a given MPM system are understood. The problem is exacerbated by lack of standard approaches to performance evaluation across diverse types of systems.

This presentation demonstrates a holistic approach that creates a comprehensive set of strategically designed anomalous conditions to characterize the MPM system performance for L-PBF. Four types of tests spanning two levels of complexity, all consolidated on a single build plate, enable evaluation of 12 basic and advanced aspects of MPM systems against suitable references. The tests incorporate geometric features as well as parameter variations to mimic realistic process conditions. The system agnostic approach includes necessary aspects for high-volume production setting and advanced tests that challenge the state of the art in defect detection. The promising results yielded during testing suggest that the approach could help establish a standard method or best practice and reduce the evaluation time by 6x-10x.

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