Printing a New Class of Durable Materials

TRX Webinar Series Archive

Chromatic 3D Materials (“C3DM”) is commercializing a ground-breaking 3D printing capability that offers durable, robust thermoset plastics previously available only through expensive, time-consuming molding processes. The 3D printing process, termed Reactive Liquid Additive Manufacturing (RLAM) entails a novel liquid mixing chemistry that enables these high-performance thermosetting plastics to be cost-effectively designed and manufactured. The RLAM process offers customizable properties, multi-material designs, large formats, complex shapes, strength and durability for a broad set of product applications, including seals and gaskets, footwear, prosthetic and medical devices. This presentation will provide an overview of the process technology, material advantages, representative commercial projects and the C3DM’s path forward.

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