UES To Host a Manufacturers’ Focus Group and Networking Event

May 15, 2019 | Categories: Industry News

Dayton Firm Targets Collaborations with Regional Manufacturers for Product Development

Dayton, OH, April 25, 2019 – UES is inviting individuals involved with manufacturing to attend their free Industry Focus Group and Networking Event on Thursday, June 6 at 3 PM at their Corporate office in Dayton. UES targets collaborations with regional manufacturers on product development for their patented Robo-Met.3D technology.

Robo-Met is a fully-automated system for materials characterization and analysis. Developed in partnership with the United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Robo-Met is a unique product that truly captures the 3D nature of materials analysis. This unique product has been well-suited for the research and development environment and has an international installed base of customers. UES is focused on better understanding how this technology can be applied to manufacturing and industrial organizations.

UES encourages those interested to register for the event. The agenda will include an informal presentation, a live demo of the product and an informal focus group. A social hour will follow beginning at 5 PM.

“Our organization is positioned well to further support the manufacturing sector with our Robo-Met technology, and we welcome their feedback as we build our product roadmap.”, states Nina Joshi, UES President and CEO. “We hope to see many of the region’s manufacturers represented at this event.”

About UES, Inc:

Founded in 1973, UES, Inc. is an innovative science and technology company that provides its government and industry customers with superior research and development expertise and support. We take great pride in developing products and services from our technologies for commercialization and transition.

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