U.S. Manufacturing Caucus Shares COVID-19 Industrial Sourcing Resources

April 15, 2020 | Categories: America Makes News

In an email to Manufacturing Caucus members last week, U.S. Congressmen Tom Reed and Tim Ryan shared four resources to help members’ manufacturing constituents effectively and expeditiously source the critical materials and supplies they need amidst the growing COVID-19 crisis.

Co-chaired by Representatives Reed and Ryan, the House Manufacturing Caucus “examines and promotes policies to help American manufacturers find trained, educated workers, continue to lead the world in developing new industrial technologies, operate on a level playing field with their foreign competitors, and obtain the capital they need to thrive,” according to its official website.

In addition to the four independent groups, Rep. Reed also recognized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its work in strengthening national supply chains. As plans are still in development and a nationwide action plan has not yet been fully launched, FEMA recommends that manufacturers connect with their local emergency response organizations to find final product supplies.

National COVID-19 Industrial Sourcing Resources

To help their local manufacturers across the country, the House Manufacturing Caucus was advised to utilize the following resources:

The National Center for Manufacturing Science (NCMS)

With a dedicated site for manufacturers to specify their capacity to supply key materials, the NCMS also offers a list of critical materials currently in the highest demand.

America Makes

In collaboration with the National Institute of Health and the Food and Drug Administration, America Makes has created a 3D Print Exchange website that includes a variety of publicly accessible 3D printing designs for manufacturers or independent 3D printers to use in the production of critical medical supplies. Additive manufacturers who are interested in sharing their designs may submit files through America Makes’ submission form; These submissions will be fast-tracked for expedited review and potential inclusion on the site.

National Institute of Standards and Technology / Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers

Local Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers, which are part of a nationwide network of specialists familiar with the needs of small and medium manufacturers, are helping to coordinate supply collection and distribution.


Thomas created the COVID-19 Resource Hub, a dedicated page with a broad range of helpful resources, links, and medical supply design files for manufacturers’ use. We also launched a COVID-19 Response Supplier filter within our Supplier Discovery tool to identify suppliers ready and available to get key materials, products, and services to industrial buyers nationwide. Companies interested in joining this list and receiving special COVID-19 Response Supplier designation may complete this form.

We’re proud to be on this list and remain steadfastly committed to helping manufacturers nationwide get the supplies, materials, and products they need to continue fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated COVID-19 Resources Now Available on

Since being recommended as a helpful industry resource by the co-chairs of the Manufacturing Caucus, we’ve made a number of enhancements to our COVID-19 resources to further support the manufacturing sector, including:

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