Tulsa Company Makes Face Masks Using 3-D Printer, Already Has 20,000 Orders

March 27, 2020 | Categories: Member News

A local 3-D printing company is doing Its part to help make hospital masks in response to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Their 3-D computer creates the masks layer by layer.

“We wanted to make this as easy and as basic as possible,” said Terry Hill, the co-founder and CEO of Rapid Applications.

Hill said they’ve created a protective mask for local hospitals and Oklahoma health care providers.

The plastic mask starts in a powder form for their 3-D printer.

Hill said the material is not only made to be flexible for each person but can also be sterilized for hospital use.

“We cut down an existing N-95 mask,” said Hill.

People can easily change out the square filter in the mask, so it can be worn up to six times.

“This whole team mobilized once this need came about. It was important for us to step in and use our resources,” said Jason Dickman, co-founder and CEO.

Dickman said they’ve already received more than 20,000 orders.

The company is also donating some masks to local veterans. Full productions for the mask have begun.


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