Spring TRX@RAPID Presentation Content

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June 26

Time Project Presentation Project Summary Speaker/Organization
1:45 Lunch  
2:45 Kick-off/Welcome Brandon Ribic, America Makes
3:00 Frameworks for Utilizing Process Monitoring in Conjunction with Ex-situ Inspection for Qualification 5001.004.001.001 Brent Roeder, R3 Digital Sciences, Inc.
3:30 Fast Wobble Enabled Build Schema (FastWEBS) 5001.004.001.002 Christopher Immer, GE Aerospace Research
4:00 Methods for Sustainable Operations – Should vs. Could 5001.004.001.003 Kevin Orbine, Deloitte Consulting
4:30 Sensor Based Approaches to LPBF Machine Pre-Qualification 5567.003 Ryan Meeker, University of Dayton Research Institute
5:00 AM Industry Celebration