Yan-Lu, NIST

Yan Lu, Ph.D.

AM Project Lead


Yan Lu, Ph.D.

Dr. Yan Lu is a member of the System Integration Division. Her research interests at NIST include smart manufacturing system reference architecture design, production operation and optimization, and additive manufacturing modeling and design optimization.

Before joining NIST, Dr. Lu was the head of Grid Automation and Production Operation and Optimization Research Group at Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology. With Siemens, she has led and successfully delivered tens of million dollars of corporate funded and government funded research projects in the areas of survivable control systems, energy automation and building energy management systems. She has published more than 30 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and was granted more than 10 patents in industry and building automation technology. Dr. Lu also worked for Seagate Research Center for two years on developing hard disk drive servo control.