Josh Cramer

Education & Workforce Development Director

Josh Cramer joined NCDMM in 2018 as the Director of Education and Workforce Development (EWD) for America Makes, providing overall program leadership responsibility for all America Makes’ education and workforce initiatives. In 2023, he was promoted to Education & Workforce Development Director across the entire NCDMM organization, including America Makes.

Josh has been instrumental in developing a strategy that has grown the EWD program’s portfolio and overall brand identity. Due to his extensive background in education, workforce development, and programming, he has been a catalyst for several EWD initiatives that have been utilized or modeled across the country.

With 20 years of experience, Josh previously served as the Director of Educational Programs at the SME Education Foundation, monitoring, promoting, and evaluating all major programs. During his time with the Foundation, he also served as the Interim Executive Director. He was responsible for actively collaborating with manufacturing partners to assess the knowledge and skillset needed to establish strategic plans while building programs to meet the skills gap needs of manufacturers. He also spent time with Project Lead the Way, a national non-profit focused on STEM, biomedical, and pre-engineering programming in the K-12 sector. Beginning his professional journey as an educator in applied engineering in the K-12 sector, he brings real-world applicable knowledge in the education realm critical to supporting educators.

Josh holds a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the California University of Pennsylvania.