Bill Walch

Senior Program Manager

Bill Walch joined NCDMM in 2014 where he serves as a Senior Program Manager. In this capacity, Bill manages programs for both manufacturing and machining-related activity. He also manages the mechanical/manufacturing project engineering group at NCDMM.

Prior to joining NCDMM, Bill served as the Global Technology Manager and Head of the Application Engineering for Kennametal Corporation’s Precision Surface Solutions Division. In that role, he was responsible for managing and developing specialized metal finishing solutions for both the Abrasive Flow and Thermal Energy finishing technologies. Previously, Bill managed the mechanical engineering group, specifically responsible for tooling design and field implementation of custom finishing solutions for primarily aerospace, automotive, and medical applications.

During this time, Bill authored and was subsequently awarded apparatus and method patents for both “High-precision Abrasive Flow Machining” and “Auto-flow Abrasive Flow Machining.” Along with his manufacturing and engineering experience, Bill has an extensive background in Total Quality Management and was awarded a green belt in Lean Manufacturing.

Bill received his diploma and apprenticeship from Elliott Company (United Technologies Company) in 1982, specializing in both conventional metal cutting and CNC machining. He was then employed by Extrude Hone Corporation in 1983 as a machinist. During his time with Extrude Hone, he completed courses in both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering Technology from ICS (Penn Foster College). Bill continued to work his way through various job responsibilities at Extrude Hone from an applications engineer through managing the applications engineering department on to becoming the Global Technology Manager for both the abrasive flow and thermal energy finishing processes.