Stratasys | nTopology Design Competition: Jigs & Fixtures

May 19, 2021 | Categories: Member News, Opportunities

Join Stratasys & nTopology for a 6-week engineering competition to show your most innovative and impactful, additively manufactured fixture or tool design and win big.

Did you know that jigs and fixtures account for more than 10% of all end-use 3D printed parts in the world? However, designing custom fixtures can be unwieldy and incredibly time-consuming with traditional CAD software.

Along with Stratasys, nTopology developed the FDM Fixture Generator —  an nTop workflow that allows you to create a custom fixture with a few clicks. You can take that final design and send it directly to your FDM printer.

Now they are giving you the opportunity to experience, practice, and demonstrate innovative and impactful FDM fixture and tool design. They want you to take advantage of the intuitive, powerful FDM Fixture Generator creating customizable, lightweight fixtures and features, and get a taste for the power of nTopology.

For this competition, there are two tracks: the professional track and the student track.

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