Spring TRX Presentation Content

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April 9  l  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Time Topic Speaker/Organization
8:30 Keynote: Interdisciplinary Research and Education in ADAPT at Mines Joy Gockel, Colorado School of Mines
9:00 Reliable Additive Manufacturing 1 Meter Tall (RAM1) (5526.001) Alan Fung, Aerojet Rocketdyne
9:30 Marotta – AM Phase 3, Application Development (5538) Ross Brown, Marotta Controls
10:30 Post-Processing Optimizing of Additive-Manufactured Nickel-Based Superalloys (5533) Agustin DiazREM Surface Engineering
11:00 Keynote: Weldability of LPB-F Additive Manufactured Ni-base Superalloys Zhenzhen Yu, Colorado School of Mines
11:30 Improving LPBF Operational Qualification Through Software Automation (5567) Alex Benham and Harshil Goel, Dyndrite
1:00 Methods and Approaches for Sustainable AM Operations, Operational Qualification (OQ) (5567.001) Mark Shaw, Wichita State University – National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU – NIAR)
1:30 Accelerating Control and Certification: Enhancing Laser-PBF and Electron Beam-PBF Operation Quality via Real-time Analytics, Technological Integration, and Experimental Platforms for a Resilient Supply Chain (ACCELERATE) (5567.002) Mohsen Taheri Andani, Texas A&M University 
2:00 Keynote: Simplifying Post-Processing with Self-Terminating Etching Processes & Quench-Free Printing of Amorphous Metals Using Reactive Inks Owen Hildreth, Colorado School of Mines
3:00 Common AM Qualification Template (CAM-QT) (5550) Bill Tredway, Applied Science & Technology Research Organization of America (ASTRO)
3:30 Joint Metal Additive Database Definition (JMADD) (5511.001) Neville Tay, Wichita State University – National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU – NIAR)
4:00 Generation of Additive Material Allowables for Ti-6Al-4V (GAMAT) (5534.001) Andrew Countryman, Boeing (in collaboration with NIAR on JMADD)

April 10  l  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Time Topic Speaker/Organization
8:20 Keynote: Accelerating Alloy Development Via Powder Synthesis and Advanced Manufacturing Ryan Ott, Ames National Laboratory
9:00 Cold Metal Fusion Preliminary Research for Air Force Sustainment and Repair (5551) Michael Lander, The Ohio State University (OSU) Center for Design Manufacturing Excellence (CDME)
9:30 Thin Wall Testing Methodology for High Temperature Materials (5560) Patrick Myers, GE Additive
10:30 LIFT Award – DoD Manufacturing Innovation Institute, Cross Institute Collaborative Project: Digital Data Management for Transcribing Structural Part Performance Across Additive Manufacturing (AM) Platforms (1141) Alex Kitt, Edison Welding Institute (EWI); Daniel Reed, MxD
11:00 Keynote: From Standards to Fundamental Research: NIST’s Efforts to Expedite AM Adoption in Industry Callie Higgins, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
11:30 Innovations in Robotic Additive Manufacturing Process Planning (5555) Nathan Stranberg, Continuous Composites, Inc. 
12:00 Transitioning Best Practices and Technology Improvements for 3D Printed Molds/Cores for Sand Castings (5554.001) Greg Colvin, Honeywell
1:30 AM Ceramic Shell Technology for Investment Casting (5554.002) Joseph Fritz, Investment Casting Institute
2:00 Keynote Speaker: Metal AM at NIST Boulder – Enabling Use in Critical Applications Nik Hrabe, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
2:30 Maturation of Ceramic 3D Printed Shell-Based Investment Casting Foundry Capabilities of the 76th CMXG At Tinker AFB (5554.004) Suman Das, DDM Systems
3:00 3D Ceramic Research & Extensive Application of Tools for Engineered Molds (3D CREATE) (5554.003) Randy Harris, Renaissance Services, Inc. (RSI)
3:30 Additive Manufacturing to Address Component Sourcing Gaps (5554.006) Kevin Orbine, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

April 11  l  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Time Topic Speaker/Organization
8:20 Keynote: Strategic Priorities for Harsh Environment Materials Nick Lalena, Department of Energy – Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO)
9:00 Techno-Economic Analysis to Bridge Casting and Forging Sourcing Gaps with AM (5554.007) Brady Williams, Wichita State University – National Institute for Aviation Research (WSU – NIAR)
9:30 Pilot the Industrialization of AM Preforms to Expedite the Forging Process of Low Volume Forged Components (5554.005)  Jay Desai, Cleveland State University (CSU)
10:30 DED Additive Manufacturing for Forging Die Repair (5554.008) Mayank Garg, Cleveland State University (CSU)
11:00 Delta Qual Team Red – Thorough Evaluation of AM with Rigorous Expertise and Data (5541) Matt Crill, The Barnes Global Advisors (TBGA)
11:30 Delta Qualification Innovation (DQI) for Ti-6Al-4V Laser Powder Bed Fusion (5541) Kevin Chasse, Northrop Grumman
1:00 Boeing Baseline Delta Qualification Program (5541) Paul Wilson, Boeing
1:30 Delta Qual Major: Rapid Qualification Pathway for Metal Additive Manufacturing Using PBF-L for Critical Applications (5541) Ben DiMarco, The Ohio State University Center for Design Manufacturing Excellence (Presenting on behalf of EOS)
2:00 Delta Qual Major: Model Enabled Delta-Qual (MEDEL-QUAL) (5541) Josh Norman, Raytheon Technologies
2:30 Delta Qual Major: Applying Machine Learning to Enable Effective Additive Manufacturing Process Qualification/Re-qualification (5541) Zach Simkin, Senvol
3:00 Delta Qual Minor: Demonstration of Novel Methods for Effective AM Process Qualification/Re-qualification (5541) Curtis Swift, Honeywell
America Makes CORE Briefing Joe Veranese and Jason Saly