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We are excited to announce that over the next few weeks America Makes will be making some changes to Teamcenter.  With the help of America Makes Platinum members Siemens and Deloitte Consulting, we have redesigned Teamcenter to enhance the user experience.  Full roll out is scheduled for March 2017 at TRX in El Paso, Texas.  Ease of access to project information and deliverables was paramount throughout our process.  Our goal is for the members to quickly be able to access information from Deliverables to Final Reports.  With that, members will also be able to search any supporting documentation provided by the Project Team.  (e.g. Test Specifications, Machine Specifications, Design of Experiment)

This and much more will be available to America Makes members moving forward.   Over the next few weeks, beginning December 3, 2016 at 5pm EST,  we will take Teamcenter offline to deploy the new architecture.  After that is complete the America Makes team will migrate the existing data into the system and complete testing. 

This will be a great step forward in how America Makes disseminates the project information to the membership. 




Teamcenter is a Members Only Tool.

Teamcenter is a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform that allows America Makes member project teams to consolidate all releasable information related to all applied research and development projects underway.




All persons within member organization requesting access to Teamcenter must complete the new ITAR Teamcenter Policy Form and return it to Joe Veranese. Once the completed form is received your login credentials with a temporary password will be emailed to you.

When initially logging in you will be required to set up security questions for password recovery and enter a cell phone number to receive text message access codes for security verification. 

For assistance in using Teamcenter, please refer to the Teamcenter Quick Start Guide or contact Joe Veranese.