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DoD Integrated Additive Manufacturing Roadmap

This integrated DoD Additive Manufacturing (AM) Roadmap provides a foundation and framework for focusing any desired collaboration and coordination of the DoD’s activities in AM to systematically and efficiently mature the technology for multiple DoD applications. Individuals and organizations may utilize this strategic document to identify areas of focus and address roadmap objectives and technology elements together, where appropriate and beneficial.

Roadmap Icons for DoD AM Roadmap

To create this AM Roadmap America Makes and Deloitte conducted a total of nine roadmapping workshops, facilitating two workshops with each Service/Agency and one joint workshop that brought stakeholders from all four organizations together.

The workshops aligned to the technical focus areas from the America Makes Technology Roadmap.  Each technical focus area is defined below:

  • Design – Drives technological advancements in new design methods and tools.
  • Material – Builds the body of knowledge for benchmark AM property characterization data and eliminating variability in “as-built” material properties. 
  • Process – Drives technological advancements that enable faster, more accurate, and higher detail resolution AM machines.
  • Value Chain – Encourages technological advancements that enable step change improvements in end-to-end value chain cost and time to market for AM produced products.  

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