Rapid Innovation Call for Projects – August 3, 2021

August 03, 2021 | Categories: Project Call

Submissions Due by 5pm ET on Thursday, September 2, 2021

Rapid Innovation Call – August 2021

America Makes announces a new Rapid Innovation Call (RICs) for Projects with six topics worth $500K in total funding.

This RIC was announced at America Makes TRX on August 3, 2021.
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The technical focus of this project is to understand AM build interruptions via in-situ monitoring methods as current monitoring research often focuses on “continuous” operations of AM processes. The goal is to gain a better understanding and quantify processing conditions when AM processes encounter various forms of interruptions.

The technical focus is to leverage existing AM data to create AM part families to increase the amount validated AM data within the public domain and develop Q&C standards. The goal is to drive broader adoption of AM in such specific industries as aerospace, medical, and aviation where Q&C of AM parts is critically needed. There is a minimum cost share requirement of 25%.

The technical focus of this project is to apply such hybrid AM approaches as additive and subtractive manufacturing operations to remedy various AM material and product defects. The goal is to develop and demonstrate reliable methods to mitigating defect formation during the AM processes, as well explore and validate methods to remedying defects as built.

The technical focus of this project is to advance in-situ molten pool temperature measurement for AM of reactive metals. The goal is to measure molten pool surface temperatures accurately and reliably as a method to correlate processing parameters to material microstructure for metal AM.

The technical focus of this project is to support lightweight design methods of AM thin walls and struts by advancing the processability of these structures. The goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the manufacturability of lightweight designs and structures to advance their adoption in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and energy industries.

The technical focus of this project is to gain a greater understanding of how to best leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to benefit AM processes. The goal is to use IoT technologies on digital data extracted from AM process to quantify, assess, and improve AM product performance and quantify AM product pedigree.

One-Step Proposal Process

The proposal process for this America Makes Project Call is a one-step non-traditional process:

A full project proposal, as outlined in the RFP, is due by 5pm ET on Thursday, September 2, 2021.


Project Call Announcement and Posting 8/3/2021
Industry Day – TRX @ OSU 8/3/2021
Questions from Proposers about Scope or Approach Due 8/12/2021
Responses to Proposers about Scope or Approach Due
(All questions and responses will be shared with all proposers on this web page.)
Deadline for proposal lead and team members receiving federal award funding to complete a fully executed America Makes Membership Agreement 8/19/2021
Fully Executed NDA with NCDMM (if proposal contains proprietary information) 8/19/2021
Full Project Proposal Submission Due Date 9/2/2021
Anticipated Decision and Selection of Projects 9/20/2021
Anticipated Date to have ALL Projects on Contract 11/1/2021
All project finalized reports and deliverables received by NCDMM no later than 5/27/2022

Rapid Innovation Call Questions & Answers

Please consider the evaluation criteria, All responses should highly consider evaluation criteria

Sub 1 mm below 40 thousandths,  All responses should be done in an industrially relevant manner with transition being considered. Should detail an approach that is done in an industrially relevant manner

Yes.  Proposers should consider providing evidence to support the merits of a given AM process and material for the focus of their efforts and, if possible, evidence which justifies a specific type of build interruption for further analysis.

If the proposer believes that looking at post-processing interruptions in addition to AM process interruptions is meaningful and viable within the allotted funding and PoP, that would be suitable.  A response which looks more extensively at post-processing interruptions compared to build interruptions is discouraged.  The RFP for topic 1 explicitly defines AM process interruptions.  Responses which address post-processing in addition to topic 1 are encouraged to clearly explain how proposed efforts will compliment and not detract from addressing the core focus of topic 1. Please note, responses will be evaluated for the following, “The degree to which the proposal clearly explains why the approach exhibits a high likelihood of success and the value/significance of the approach is supported by the quality and quantity of deliverables, perceived member value (near term/long term), return on investment opportunity, or other industrial demand factors.”

Federal agencies can be team members but may not receive any federal funding.  They can participate through cost share or in an advisor role.

Yes, cost share is looked at as favorable.

The final report should be submitted at the end of the five month execution period and all data gathering and analysis should cease.  The last two months are for review and revision.  From the RFP, ” complete first draft shall be submitted to PM/NCDMM no later than conclusion of month five of proposed effort.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All team members of project team must be America Makes members.

Yes, teams may submit more than one Project Proposal.

Questions should be emailed to Questions will be posted to the America Makes website according to the schedule. Questions asked AFTER the scheduled Q&A session will NOT be addressed.

Yes, but only if they are members. The approval process for foreign-owned entities can take up to 4 weeks to complete, so non-members would not have sufficient time to apply and be approved prior to this deadline.

Federal dollars cannot be spent outside of the United States. It is the Lead / team’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations.

Yes.  The proposals will only be reviewed by the evaluation team and each team member signs a confidentiality agreement.

The owning organization should list anything that they are leveraging that is not going to be made available to the membership at the completion of the project.  This could be a patent number or a description of the background IP that is being leveraged.