Steel (HY-80) Wire-Arc Additive Heat Treatment (SWAAHT) – October 2022

America Makes announces SWAAHT Project Call worth a total of $1.35M in funding

The U.S. Navy desires to use metal additive manufacturing (AM) as a means of alleviating critical casting supply chain issues. The effort is complementary to on-going Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) MIL-100S-1 DED Structural Shape Qualification and Certification efforts.

One-Step Proposal Process

The proposal process for this America Makes Project Call is a one-step process:

A full project proposal, as outlined in the RFP, is due by 5pm ET on Friday, December 2, 2022.


Project Call Announcement and Posting


Industry Day Kickoff at TRX – Registration Required


Questions from Proposers about Scope or Approach Due


Responses to Proposers about Scope or Approach Due
(All questions and responses will be shared with all proposers on


Deadline for proposal lead to complete a fully executed America Makes Membership Agreement


Fully Executed NDA with NCDMM (only if proposal contains proprietary information)


Full Project Proposal Submission Due Date (Note: No Concept Paper Submission)


Anticipated Decision and Notification of Project Proposal Teams


Anticipated Date to have ALL Projects on Contract


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only the project lead must be a member of America Makes.

Yes, teams may submit more than one Project Proposal.

Questions should be emailed to Questions will be posted to the America Makes website according to the schedule. Questions asked AFTER the scheduled Q&A session will NOT be addressed.

The lead proposer must be an America Makes member by Friday, February 18, 2022. Information on how to join America Makes is available at . While partners to the lead proposer are not required to be America Makes members, obtaining membership is encouraged. (Note: The foreign membership approval process requires a minimum of three weeks to complete.)  Any foreign persons conducting work on the project shall be declared within the Project Team Appendix.  Any project activities occurring outside of the U.S. or by non-U.S. persons must be reported and approved by the America Makes Program Management Office.  No work can be completed outside of the United States without this approval.  Any use of assets (equipment or personnel) based outside of the United States needs to be clearly identified in your proposal.  Please provide the description, location, and utilization (number of hours or percentage of total effort) for any such assets.  A valid Copy of a Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD2345) for each team member (entity) is required for this Project Call. It is the Lead / team’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations.

Proposals are reviewed by evaluators who are independent of teams submitting proposals and operate under a confidentiality agreement.  Proposers are encouraged to seek legal counsel prior to submitting any response to this Project Call where there is a question regarding a possibility of future patent applications or the patentability of proposal concepts.

The owning organization should list anything that they are leveraging that is not going to be made available to the membership at the completion of the project. This could be a patent number or a description of the background IP that is being leveraged.

Background IP should be declared in Exhibit I.  All (foreground) IP produced on the project is subject to the terms of the membership agreement (please review details in RFP).

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