People of the New Collar Workforce Photography Book Uses Augmented Reality to 3D Printing Stories to Life

January 17, 2020 | Categories: Member News

January 15, 2020; Santa Fe, New Mexico:  America Makes member Fab Lab Hub, LLC, announces a new interactive photography book that incorporates Augmented Reality [AR] to bring worker stories about working with new technologies like 3D Printing to life.  Published by Art Guild Press, People of the New Collar Workforce features AR links to videos of workers in New Collar jobs talking about working with new technologies like 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, generative design, 3D Scanning, laser micromachining, and robotics.

3D Printing and digital manufacturing visionary Avi Reichental, the Founder and CEO of XponentialWorks introduces the book with his predictions for the Future of Work:  “Machines will free man to work in more interesting and human-centric jobs. The Industrial age de-humanized workers and the shift to New Collar Workers will actually increase human potential. The next generation of additive manufacturing machines can help re-create abundance but also help mankind regain our humanity.”

Author Sarah Boisvert, founder of Fab Lab Hub and the non-profit New Collar Network, explains that the book is meant to give the reader a view into how the world of work has changed:  “Although I could easily describe new roles across industries in text, the message is so much more powerful when the reader sees and hears from the actual worker describing their interaction with machines on the job.  Many of these people, from interns to experienced employees, came to these jobs with specialized training such as micro-credentials but in many instances without a college degree.”

Judy Freeman, an intern at The 3D Printing Store and student at Arapaho Community College, switched careers and in her video link describes how much fun she is having using 3D Printers.  Direct Dimensions’ 3D scanning specialist Katie Wolfe explains how she made the transition from visual artist to using cutting edge technology to enable 3D Printing in museums and on movie sets.  Hank Wikle and JC Ramirez, interns at Fab Lab Hub located at Santa Fe {NM} Community College, describe overcoming traditional education hurdles to find well-paying jobs using 3D Printing.

To see a demo of the AR link and order a copy of the book, please go to  Proceeds support internship programs in 3D Printing nationwide.