MAMLS Phase 3 – Direct Project Call Q&A

Q1 – Will these slides be made available to us later?

A1 – Yes, the slides are available on the America Makes website or America Makes Website / Project Call Resources

Q2 – Can a team submit more than one Project Concept form?

A2 – Yes, teams may submit more than one Project Concept form.

Q3 – Do all subs have to be AM member? (Do all sub-contractors have to be an America Members to participate in a project?)

A3 – No, only the Lead Proposer on the project must be an America Makes Member, sub-contractors or team members do not have to be members. However, no team member is required to be an America Makes member when submitting a Project Concept.

Q4 – Can required cost share be in-kind?

A4 – Yes.

Q5 – What does 50% cost share mean – 50% of total project $$ or funded $$ amount?

A5 – The minimum cost share required for this project call equals 50% of the requested funding (funded amount).

Example:  If your project team is requesting $1,000,000 of funding from America Makes your project team must provide $500,000 of cost share. Therefore, the projects total value would be $1,500,000.

Q6 – Is there a time on January 3rd which the proposals must be submitted by, or just by 11:59pm?

A6 – All deadlines for the Project Call, including Questions, Step 1: Project Concepts and Step 2: Project Proposals are due by 5 p.m. EST (Eastern Time) on their due date.

Q7 – Programmatic Q: what is source of MAMLS III funds? (i.e. believe prior MAMLS was supported by Congressional add. still the case?)

A7 – The funding originated at AFRL and is part of the continuing sustainment efforts.

Q8 – How do we get the RFP for this project call?

A8 – The RFP and all required resources are available at the America Makes website or America Makes Website / Project Call Resources

Q9 – Can a U.S. Government entity be a team member who contributes funds?

A9 – Yes, they can contribute funds, but “federal funds” cannot count towards the cost share requirement.  However, “STATE FUNDS” can count towards the cost share requirement.

Q10 – ­Can a U.S. Government entity participate as a team member?­

A10 – A government agency is eligible to participate on a project if they possess a unique capability.

Q11 – Is there any citizenship requirements for the team members to submit a proposal?

A11 – There are no citizenship requirements but it is the team’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable export control laws and regulations.

Q12 – ­ In the RFP, can we assume that AM always stand for Additive manufacturing (v.s. Advanced Manufacturing) or are these used interchangeably in this context?

A12 – Yes, AM within this specific RFP will always be the acronym for Additive Manufacturing

Q13 – For Topic 1, do you have any targeted materials?

A13 – Target materials must have significant aerospace relevancy, particularly in an aerospace maintenance and sustainment environment.

Q14 – Is cold spray a process that is acceptable for Topic 3?  it’s not widely used or well characterized but has real potential for low criticality components.

A14 –  Cold spray process does not fit well for Topic 3.

Q15 – ­ Among the items listed under Topic Area 3, are there specific non-structural/non-critical parts that the Air Force is interested in having replaced with vat polymerization? Also, is the Air Force having specific technical challenges with vat polymerization of non-structural/non-critical parts at this time?

A15 –  Complex electrical connectors, wire run harnesses, electronics boxes and cooling apparatus (fans, heat sinks, etc.).

Q16 – For Topic 3, are both direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and rapid tooling (RT) AM technologies considered?

A16 – Yes.

Q17 – ­ Is there a particular process and or material of interest?

A17 –  Process and Materials of interest are broad, but suggest targeting processes and materials that would have significant aerospace maintenance and sustainment relevancy.

Q18 – ­ Are all defect types of interest for a given material/process or should the study be limited to one defect type?

A18 –  More than one defect type may be entertained, it is up to the proposer how many defect types could be studied to demonstrate actionable knowledge including how representative the defect is of expected real world defects, how the defect is characterized using NDE, and what the impact on the range of properties of interest would be.

Q19– ­ Does Area 3 scope include direct ink write, aerosol jet, and inkjet printing of conductive traces?

A19 – Yes. 

Q20 – ­ Are the topic 3 processes listed in the slides the only ones that qualify for this topic, or are other processes eligible.  For example, cold spray is a potentially good fit for this topic.  Does it qualify?

A20 – Cold spray is not considered a good fit for Topic 3; however, many other processes do fit the eligibility requirements.

Q21 – ­ For topic 1, is there a preference for DED for repair or freeform fabrication?

A21 –  Freeform Fabrication.

Q22 – ­ Can capital investment be applied to the cost share?

A22 – Capital investment could be applied as cost share provided it is directly needed for the project and meets the requirements under 2 CFR 200.306 and must be valued according to the same guidelines.

Q23 – ­ Can time spent toward a project from Jan-June 2018 be applied to the cost share?

A23 – If the project proposal is selected, the cost share accrued prior to the sub-recipient agreement being fully executed can be applied to the project provided the work is directly needed for the proposed project and the associated costs must meet the requirements under 2 CFR 200.306 for cost sharing. However, tasking completed prior to the sub-recipient agreement being fully executed is done so at the risk of the proposer.

Q24 – I noticed that the CTL’s listed for Topic Area #2 on the slides from the recent webinar do not match any of the CTLs listed on the Concept Tool’s selection box.  As it is not possible to enter data directly into the CTL cells, is it okay to just try to select those CTLs that “seem” closest to what was listed from the webinar? Or is there an update to the Concept Tool that corrects the CTL selections?

A24 – To clarify the “non-exclusive list of DoD AM Roadmap Elements” list documented for each topic are not Critical Technology Elements (CTEs).  They are SOME of the individual requirements that align to each of the technical topics.  The America Makes Technology Roadmap is broken down as follows: 1. Swimlanes, 2) Critical Technology Elements, and 3) Requirements (aka. technology or roadmap elements).  The webinar slides have been updated to show how the listed requirements/roadmap elements map to the CTE.  Remember this is not an exclusive list.

Q25 – ­ On Topic 3, one of the opportunities is electrical connectors. Is the interest with electrical connectors just the structural housing? Or does the interest include producing the entire connector including the conductive components?

A25 – The structural housing is the primary interest with a viable manufacturing path identified and ideally demonstrated for the entire connector including conductive components.

Q26 –  Is there a discussion/intention to extend the due date (Jan 03) of Phase 1 proposal by at least 2 weeks? Most of our industrial partners are closed for business in the next 2 weeks and it is difficult to discuss the scope and industry support?

A26 – No, there will be no extensions for Step 1 of the Project Call process. The due date for the concept paper is Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 5 pm EST.

Q27 –  Who would be the point person on your team if there are questions?

A27 – The Q&A session has expired. All questions regarding the Project Call were due to by Friday, December 15, 2017 at 5 pm EST.

Q28 –  I am having troubles typing in the project concept form. It won’t allow me to type in section 2.1 and other areas of the form. Can you provide instructions to navigate around this issue?

A28 – The project concept form was created in Microsoft. If you are using a PC and are experiencing issues go to America Makes Project Call website and at the bottom of the page to Resources and download the project concept tool again. If you continue to have issues after downloading a different version, email

If you are using a mac, and are experiencing issues attempt to open the form in google sheets or similar resource. If you continue to have issues after downloading a different version, email

Updated: December 19, 2017