Project Portfolio


1082 Measurement Science for Advanced Manufacturing (MSAM)

Lockheed Martin

1113 ONR Quality Made – Robotic Laser Wire AM System with Comprehensive Quality Assurance Framework


3000 Maturation of Additive Manufacturing for Low Cost Sustainment

3003 High Performance Additive Manufactured Thermoplastics

Youngstown State University

3006 MAMLS ph2 – Bell Crank Family of Parts


3007 MAMLS ph2 – Oil Cooler Family of Parts

3008 MAMLS ph2 – Fairings Family of Parts

3009 Additive Manufacturing Build Interruption Effects (AMBIE)

Youngstown State University

3010 MAMLS Phase 3 – Phase 1 Rapid Transition

3011 MAMLS Feature-Based Qualification Method for Directed Energy Deposition AM

Youngstown State University

3012 Accelerating MAMLS Direct Part Production: Effect of Defects in Laser Powder Bed Fusion AlSi10Mg

3013 MAMLS Understanding Stochastic Powder Bed Fusion AM Flaw Formation & Impact on Fatigue

3014 Evaluation of Defects in Metal LPBF AM using Multiple Layers

3015 MAMLS Demonstration of 3D CBAM Build Process for Low Criticality Part Families

United Technologies Corporation

3016 MAMLS-AM of Low Criticality Part Families via Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP)


3017 MAMLS Rapid Part Replacement via Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Lanterman Group

3018 DoD ACADEMI Expansion Initiative

3024.001 An Open-Architecture Multi-Laser Research Platform for ALSAM

3025.001 Advancing AM Post Processing Techniques (AAPT)

3025.002 Advancing AM Post Processing Techniques (AAPT)

3026.001 ATRQ-Surrogate Damage Generation for LPBF Defects with Ti-6Al-4V

3026.002 ATRQ-Corrosion of AlSi10Mg in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)

3026.003 ATRQ Surrogate Damage Generation for LPBF Defects with Nickel Alloy IN718

3026.004 ATRQ – Service Life of Additive Manufacturing (SLAM) in Harsh Environments

3026.005 ATRQ – Corrosion Performance Design Guide for Additively Manufactured Ni-base Alloy 625

4004 Sparse-Build Rapid Tooling by Fused Deposition Modeling for Composite Manufacturing & Hydroforming

4005 Fused Depositing Modeling (FDM) for Complex Composites Tooling

4006 Maturation of High-Temperature SLS Technologies & Infrastructure

4007 Qualification of AM Processes & Procedures for Repurposing & Rejuvenation of Tooling

4008 Thermal Imaging for Process Monitoring & Control of AM

4009 Rapid Qualification Methods for Powder Bed Direct Metal AM Processes

4021 Developing Topology Optimization Tools that Enable Efficient Design of AM Cellular Structures

4022 Development of a Low-Cost Lens® Engine

4023 Development of Knowledgebase of Deposition Parameters for Ti-6Al-4V & IN718

4024 Metal Alloys & Novel Ultra-Low-Cost 3D Weld Printing Platform for SME Rapid Prototyping & Production

4025 Accelerated Adoption of AM Technology in the American Foundry Industry

4026 Development of Distortion Prediction & Compensation Methods for Metal Powder-Bed AM

4027 In-Process Quality Assurance for Laser Powder Bed Production of Aerospace Components

4028 A Database Relating Powder Properties to Process Outcomes for Direct Metal AM

4029 Automatic Finishing of Metal AM Parts to Achieve Required Tolerances & Surface Finishes

4030 3D Printing Multi-Functionality: AM for Aerospace Applications

4031 AM of Biomedical Devices from Bioresorbable Metallic Alloys for Medical Applications

4032 High-Throughput Functional Material Deposition Using a Laser Hot Wire Process

4033 Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V AM Demonstration & Allowables Development

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4034 Refining Microstructure of AM Materials to Improve Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

4035 Optimization of Parallel Consolidation Method for Industrial AM

4037 AM Laser Powder Feed Repair (Reborn)

4038 Support of AM Mission by CIMP-3D

4039 Development & Demonstration of Open-Source Protocols for Powder Bed Fusion AM

4040 Development & Demonstration of an Open layered Protocol for Powder Bed AM

4042 Closed Loop Process Control for Powder Bed Fusion of Thermoplastics

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4043 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Complex Metallic AM Structures

4045 Conformal Fan Duct Heat Exchanges for Engine Thermal Management Systems

4046 AM of Heat Exchanges for Propulsion Applications

4047 Parametric Design of Functional Support Structures for Metal Alloy Feedstocks

4048 Multidisciplinary Design Analysis for Seamless AM Design, Analysis, Build, & Redesign Workflows

4049 Economic Production of Next Generation Orthopedic Materials through Powder Reuse in AM

4050 Integrated Design Tool Development for High Potential AM Applications

4051 A Flexible Adaptive Open Architecture to Enable a Robust Third-Party Ecosystem for Metal PBFAM Systems

4052 Digital Threading of AM

4053 A Design Guidance System for AM

4054 Cyber-Physical Design & AM of Custom Orthoses

4055 A Low-cost Industrial Multi3D System for 3D Electronics Manufacturing

4056 Rapid In-situ Multimodal Inspection (RIMI) for Direct Write Printing

4058 Optimal Design & AM of Complex Internal Core Structures for High Performance Aerial Vehicle Production

4059 Biomimetic Multijet Materials

4060 Non-Empirical Predictive Model for AM Lattice Structures

4061 Multi-functional BAAM: Big Area AM with Multi-Purpose Wire Embedding

4062 MULTI-Source/Feedstock/Meter-Scale Metal AM Machine

4063 AM for Metal Casting (AM4MC)

4064 Multimaterial 3D Printing of Electronics & Structures