Optimizing the AUTHENTISE MES Experience

December 12, 2018 | Categories: Member News

At Authentise we take at heart to get the basics right. We listen very closely to our customer feedback and relish the opportunity to improve upon our initial design to formulate a better solution. We’ve now added a few UI features to make the user’s life easier throughout the process. Things like upload bar, Progress Tracker, and other general features which further polish the Authentise MES experience.

Starting with an upload process bar, which is particularly helpful when dealing with large files and the user would sometimes inadvertently interrupt the process. Also, a Progress Tracker, which will give the user a clear display of where they are in the process, avoiding confusion when going through the order’s steps.

We’ve also deployed general improvements like improved warnings for required fields, alerts for conflicts between machines and materials, improved search and other features.

Questions? Contact Authentise CMO Frank Speck.

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