America Makes Project Calls

Project calls leverage collaboration and perspectives from the membership, working groups, Roadmap Advisory Group (RMAG), and roadmap workshop efforts to create actionable focus areas to address the needs of the membership. Technical topic areas have been prioritized based on this input and span the five swimlanes of the AM Technology Roadmap (Design, Materials, Process, Value Chain, AM Genome), and also address elements of the Education Workforce and Development (EWD) Roadmap.



  • Open Project Call (OPC): Leverages collaboration from membership, working groups, Roadmap Advisory Group (RMAG), and other stakeholders to address needs of members.
  • Rapid Innovation Call (RIC): Addresses immediate and readily actionable needs identified by America Makes members.
  • Directed Project Call: Addresses immediate needs of the U.S. Government, DoD, OSD, etc.