Submissions Due by Friday, July 2, 2021 before 5 pm EDT

Open Project Call

America Makes announces a new Open Project Call (OPC) worth $1.6M in total funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Technology Division. The OPC goal is to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient additive manufacturing (AM) technologies to meet defense and/or commercial needs.

Specifically, the OPC aims to support key swimlanes—Design, Material, Process, AM Genome and Value Chain—of the America Makes’ AM Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap identifies measurable and meaningful challenges that, when met, promote inquiry, knowledge-sharing, and technical advancements across the industry.

“This Open Project Call represents a vast array of topics and opportunities to benefit our membership and our industry at large,” said Brandon D. Ribic, Ph.D., America Makes Technology Director. “As our first OPC of 2021, we are thrilled with the efforts of our Roadmap Advisory and Working Groups for their contributions in identifying, prioritizing, and developing these technology and education and workforce development topics. We also appreciate the provided insightful membership input that helped to further enhance this OPC. I look forward to receiving the quality and innovative responses that we have come to expect from our membership community.”

Technical Topics

The 2021 OPC addresses five technical topic domains:

  • Topic 1: Strategies for Real-time Defect Mitigation for AM Processes
  • Topic 2: Introductory-level Training Course on the Inspection and Quality Assurance of AM Components
  • Topic 3: Accelerating Qualification of AM Materials for High-temperature Applications
  • Topic 4: Solid-state AM Process Technical Data Package Maturation
  • Topic 5: Assessing Opportunities for AM Process Productivity Improvement

One-Step Proposal Process

The proposal process for this America Makes Project Call is a one-step process.

A full project proposal, as outlined in the RFP, is due by 5 p.m. EDT Friday, July 2, 2021. 


Project Call Announcement and Posting 6/1/2021
Project Call Kick-off Webinar (View Recording) 6/8/2021
Questions from Proposers about Scope or Approach Due 6/11/2021
Responses to Proposers about Scope or Approach Due

(All questions and responses will be shared with all proposers below.

Deadline for all proposal team members to be an America Makes Member 6/22/2021
Fully Executed NDA with NCDMM (if proposal contains proprietary information) 6/22/2021
Full Project Proposal Submission Due Date 7/2/2021
Anticipated Decision and Notification to Project Proposal Teams 8/3/2021
Anticipated Date to have ALL Projects on Contract 9/1/2021
All project finalized reports and deliverables received by NCDMM no later than 5/27/2022

Open Project Call Questions & Answers

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