Ohio: America’s High-Tech, New-Look Rust Belt

September 18, 2013 | Categories: America Makes News, Technology

Congressman Tim Ryan, who represents Ohio’s 13th district, is a lifetime resident of the nation’s Rust Belt, where manufacturing, even after all this time, remains the backbone of the region’s economy. But the famed industrial corridor is currently undergoing something of a high-tech, technological renovation, and the resulting impact, spearheaded by Ryan, is attracting additive manufacturing technologies never seen in the region before. Leo Rommel reports how this is coming to be – and what challenges may lay ahead. Job creation? Check. Clean energy? Check. Advancements in education? Check. Before a joint session of Congress last February, U.S. President Barack Obama touched upon all of the above and more in his annual State of the Union Address, poetically running through a laundry list of initiatives and plans for 2013 while highlighting his administration’s achievements from the year before