New and Improved Tools in Authentise 3Diax

July 09, 2019 | Categories: Member News

Authentise’s development roadmap is full of exciting items bringing you an enhanced AM work environment. Authentise makes sure that all features are as polished and well integrated as possible before releasing them. Their customers are key to addressing and implementing the most pressing feature requests and work with Authentise to deliver on their needs.

First off, and long overdue, Authentise will be releasing 3D renders to view parts with more detail in the browser when a part has been uploaded. Just click on the 2D render to zoom in/out, rotate, view wireframes, and more. As always, this is just a start. Future iterations will include the ability to save the new orientation as the new orientation of the part for print.

Another set of tools that are being released this week include optional detail around the quoting process. Customers can now request design hours (and receive a quote for those hours) as well as download a formal quote as a Word document or PDF. Operators of can enter their customers’ PO or ensure the quote is accepted before proceeding.

Authentise will give a greater overview of their future roadmap in the next edition, so stay tuned!

To suggest a feature feel free to reach out to Cosimo Orban at To experience the platform with a hands-on demo, schedule the best time to make it happen here.

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