Moving the Authentise MES forward in 2021

January 13, 2021 | Categories: Member News

Authentise closed 2020 with exciting partnerships with Nebumind and Addiguru, bringing AI-powered computer vision and sensor data analytics for digital twins visualizations.

Partners like nebumind and Addiguru are guaranteed to make 2021 a success too, with a whole barrage of new features waiting to be deployed. In a nutshell, here is where Authentise will be making moves:

  1. Maturing: Meeting industry standards means tightening processes. With big moves already made in 2020 (with first occurrences of planned downtime), in 2021 one big goal is to meet the standards required of the medical industry.
  2. Non-Additive: Now that the product has proven itself in the additive industry, it’s time to make it available to those who focus on other processes, such as machining.
  3. Supply Chain: the Authentise MES already has some pretty robust supply chain management features, allowing coordinated outsourcing of parts or specific steps. But there’s more opportunity in digitally integrated supply chains, and if 2020 has showed us anything, it’s that those innovations are desperately needed.

If you’d like to find out more, Authentise CEO Andre Wegner will be giving a speech at IMTS Spark Showcase during the “Start Up Showcase” session, next monday January 18th, 2:30PM – 3:30PM Central.

Catch the livestream or recording at this link:

Please reach out to Cosimo Orban at or through the Contact Us page of the Authentise website if you have any ideas or feedback to share.

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