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The Members Meeting and Exchange Hall Of Fame

From its very first year in 2012, America Makes has been working towards gathering the greatest minds in Additive Manufacturing and bringing them to Youngstown. Through many changes, including a couple name changes and two years of virtual conferences, what we now know as the Members Meeting and Exchange is America Makes’ premier gathering of members and industry leaders to network, plan, and exchange ideas.

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Before it was solidified as MMX, the concept and meeting took many forms. However, from the very start America Makes was working to convene the industry’s leaders. Below you’ll see branding, signage and agendas from those beginning PMRs and PRMMs. There were even a few years with a fall and spring version of each event, which eventually turned into what we now know as TRX.

The creation of MMX

It took a few years, but once America Makes defined what MMX is they sprinted out of the gate. With successful MMXs in 2017, 2018 and 2019, MMX was set in stone as one of the additive industry’s premier events. With networking put into the event’s schedule, it allows America Makes and the entire additive community to convene, coordinate and catalyze.

The Virtual Era of MMX

Like everything else, MMX was put into immediate jeopardy by COVID’s spread throughout the United States. After using telecommunications for months, America Makes decided that the technology would be enough to save MMX in 2020. For the first time, the entirety of MMX was available on-demand. MMX 2021 was also virtual, taking place on the Remo platform. Despite not being in the same spot, the conferences and talks brought the entire additive community together.

MMX 2020 Day 1

MMX 2020 Day 2

MMX 2021